SQUINT (Cross eyes)

Squint Cross Eyes

Q: What Is Squint?

A. The eye is surrounded by six muscles which help to turn the eye in various directions. The brain controls the movements of both eyes. Any problems with the muscles or abnormal control from the brain causes squint or cross eyes.

Q: Why are children more affected?

A. In children either the muscles are not developed properly or for some reason brain control over these muscles is inadequate.

Q: Will wearing glasses help?

A. Yes, Definitely. Correct prescription glasses help the patient to see better and thus improve brain control.

Q: Are the parents to be blamed for squint of the child?

A. No. Rarely some case are inherited. Informed parents can help in a big way to help the child overcome squint.

Squint Cross Eyes

Q. What is paralytic squint?

A. In this the nerve supply to the muscles is affected. It can happen at any age especially in Diabetics, Hypertensive & Thyroid patients.

Q. Do all types of squint require surgery?

A. No. Improving the tone of the muscles by exercise may help to avoid surgery in some cases. Sometimes even after surgery exercises may be required to maintain the eyes in position.

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