Parekh Eye Hospital - Difference

In today's time and age where doctors are known as "Providers" and patients "Clients"; surgery has unfortunately become the norm and outcomes often mediocre. Add to this, all the advertising hype and patients are misled into techniques which may not be best for them but offered since that is all the surgeon may be limited to.

Personally greeted and cared for by one of the city’s most sought after and reputed eye surgeons who is so dedicatedly involved in each patient's planning, surgery and care is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

This difference can be summarized briefly into:

Surgeon :

Credentials : Renowned Eye Surgeon, Dr Shounak Parekh, M.S., D.N.B., D.O.M.S., F.C.P.S., M.N.A.M.S., is Indian Medical council registered. He is Founding Director and Chief Surgeon of Parekh Eye Hospital, Parekh Eye Clinic and Laser Vision International Centre.

Ability : Full range of Lasik, Cataract & Laser Vision surgeries including combinations, transplants and complication correction, Glaucoma lasers and surgery including implants, tubes and shunts, Retinal lasers, intravitreal injections and surgery, Squint, Oculoplastic and Paediatric ophthalmology. Thus providing tertiary eye care under 1 roof.

Reputation : Surgeon, Teacher and Knowledge Seeker.

Technology :

Surgical : Access to cutting edge technology, often years ahead of peers in the nation.

Diagnostic : Quantitative and Qualitative Vision testing technologies to Custom-Design surgery to each eye individually.

Evaluative : Post-Surgical vision outcome analysis and optical correlates.

Customer Service:

Dr. Parekh "All the way" : Initial consult, pre-op, surgery and post op visits with Dr.Parekh himself.

Personal Touch : PEH Staff & Dr. Parekh involved in your entire care, surgery & follow up.

Access : You & your family anywhere in the world can access Dr. Parekh (You have his mobile phone number).