Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Q. What is Dry Eye?

A. The tears produced by our tear glands to lubricate the eye. Blinking of eyes achieves a uniform tear film over the entire eye. This tear film is a complex layer. Any abnormality either of production or change in composition of this tear film causes dryness.

Q. My eye waters, but I've been diagnosed as dry eye?

A. The tear production is normal but the film composition is abnormal and therefore, the tear does not stick to the eye surface. Excess tear falls out of the eye hence, watery.

Q. What are the symptoms of dryness?

A. Watering, Itching, Foreign Body Sensation, redness, Headache, Mild eye pain, Difficulty to concentrate on computer.

Q. What precipitates dryness?

A. Computer use, Hormonal Changes especially menopause, sitting in an AC for long hours are some of the common factors.

Q. Is there any permanent treatment for dryness?

A. Change in the work or a by putting drops regularly. Dryness can be control to a very large extent.

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