Who is Dr Parekh ?

An Excellent Surgeon, a Thorough Clinician and a Friend for Life.

Welcome to Parekh Eye Hospital, where helping people like you see more clearly is our passion; improving safety and results is our commitment.

"Your Vision Our Mission"

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our hospital and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us for your vision needs.

I consider it my distinguished privilege to serve your vision needs and it is my dedicated passion to work hard for each and every patient combining technology with individualized plans to customize vision to the best of my ability.

We are humbled by the superlatives that fellow physicians and patients have bestowed upon us but at no point do I want that to be a presumption of superior skills or guarantees for outcomes. No surgery is perfect and every surgery can have side effects and complications.

It has been and will be our constant endeavour to provide -

Quality eye care with a personal touch.

It is my dedicated philosophy to not operate on any patient until all of their questions are fully answered. Given the pride we carry in our work and personal touch, we want to always make sure that no patient is ever misled either in cost or expectations.

I encourage you to text me anytime or email me with as many questions you may have and only after you are completely comfortable with the plan and prognosis, should you proceed.

The above information is to summarize your expected experience when you visit us as well as to assure you regarding our intentions and welcome you to the Parekh Eye Family !

Thank you,